Preaching Workshop


Preaching Workshop is in the past.

Preaching Workshop To Feature Dr. Walter Brueggemann

The annual Preaching Workshop  is an interactive event focused on the craft of homiletics.  The Doctor of Ministry program partners with recognized experts in the field to give seminar participants mentored experiences on sermon delivery.  Current doctoral students and guests gather together on the Lipscomb campus for this 2 day experience.  For 2018, we will feature Dr. Walter Bruggemann and Dr. Jerry Taylor.

Cost is $125. To register click here.

Featured Speaker

Dr. Walter Bruggemann, one of the most highly regarded Old Testament scholars of the past century, returns to the Preachers Workshop in February, 2018. Brueggemann first presented “among us” at the Sermon Seminar on the Psalms in 2003, and then on Exodus in 2008, providing essays and sermons in the volumes that came from those lectures. Thankfully, he is walking out of retirement for a final engagement at the most crucial juncture in our recent history. 

With evidence mounting of our easy embrace of evangelical piety and its Americana world view, and with preaching facing a perilous future, Brueggemann will call us through a deep embrace of biblical texts, poetic beauty and stylistic cadence to proclaim a counter-narrative to the dominant civil religion of our day. The future and identity of the church depend on preaching that insists that America’s current ideology, which Brueggemann labels “therapeutic, technological, consumer militarism” cannot be at peace with an exilic and biblical counter-narrative that exemplifies forgiveness, empowerment and value for the dispossessed. 

Brueggemann will help us to carefully and thoughtfully step into the troubling truth that the world we prepared for and learned to master “is disappearing before our eyes” and “slipping through our fingers.” All of which underscores part of the prophetic preaching task, which is to “encourage, permit and engage the practice of public grief over a world that is gone.”

Brueggemann will remind us that preaching matters and help us listen to our better angels — that care for the vulnerable is synonymous with “knowing God ” (Jeremiah 22:15) and that widows, orphans and immigrants “are the canaries of any social system.”  We await with joyful expectation — borne from experience with this gifted prophet — for perhaps a final opportunity to engage this man, knowing that his message will inspire us to preach and act with faithful courage.